How Can I Prepare for Financing a New Nissan?

Thinking about financing a new Nissan near Tyler, Texas or Lindale? Before you do, there are a few housekeeping tasks that are good to complete.

Value Your Trade: A trade-in deal can greatly affect your next round of auto financing. The cash you receive can help you pay off the rest of your current loan, pay for a down payment, or pay for sales tax. Knowing the value of your trade-in vehicle can help you determine your budget and how much you want to finance. We recommend checking out the variety of free online trade-in estimate tools before financing your new Nissan.

Get a Credit Score Estimate: When you apply for a loan, lenders will check your credit history to determine what kind of offer they'll extend. A major factor to this process is your credit score. Applying with a poor score may result in high interest rates. Again, there are multiple free ways to get online credit estimates. If your estimate shows a low score, it may be good to wait a bit and built up your credit before applying for a loan. If your credit score estimate looks good, you can apply for a loan without worry.

Check What You Owe on Your Current Loan: This may seem simple, but it's very important. If you're far upside down on your loan, it may not be a good time to apply for another one. If your loan is under control, you'll be ready to move forward with a new one.

Get Pre-Approved: If you haven't decided which new Nissan is right for you yet, you can secure specific financing ahead of time. This lets you know what you can afford. Then, the task is to simply pick a vehicle that fits within the terms of the loan. You can pre-qualify here on our website with a simple application.

When you're ready to apply, come visit our Tyler, TX location. Our finance team will walk you through the process and help you secure a great loan.

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