Choose a Stunning Nissan Titan Midnight Edition Here in Tyler, TX

With any version of the new Nissan Titan, you know you're getting a hardworking truck with high-end capabilities and dynamic technology to help you along your way. But consider adding a splash of blacked-out coloring and exterior elements to your next pickup at our Tyler, TX Nissan dealership, with a new Titan Midnight Edition that really pops with its style. With extras like blacked-out wheels, front grille, a step plate and more, this is a dynamic looking truck that you'll love driving around Longview, Jacksonville and beyond.

Learn more about the new Nissan Titan Midnight Edition by hearing what our friendly neighbors up north in Canada have to say about this exciting and stylish truck, then head over to our Nissan dealership from Lindale or Kilgore today.

Offered for both the Titan and the heavier-duty Titan XD, the Midnight Edition package is an easy way to customize the styling of your truck here in Tyler, TX. On the outside, your Titan Midnight Edition really pops with 20-inch black wheels, black step rails and an aggressively dark front grille. Once you step inside, the charcoal black color scheme in the cabin complements those blacked-out elements on the Titan's exterior.

Want to learn more about the new Nissan Titan Midnight Edition? Start off by applying for financing today so you'll be prepared for a great lease deal, or a new car loan if you plan on buying your new Titan. After that, visit us at Peltier Nissan today and learn about the availability of any Midnight Editions or how we can order one that matches exactly what you're looking for.

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