As the Semester Approaches, It's Time to Talk Service and Maintaining Your Nissan Model, Here in Tyler, TX!

Summer is almost over and, for many of you students at Tyler College, Tyler Junior College, or University of Texas at Tyler, you might have a big checklist of things to take care of before the semester starts. You might be shopping for books, dorm furniture and other essentials, but for many of you, who purchased a Nissan model from Peltier Nissan, it could be time to talk routine maintenance. A regular service appointment before you go back is important as you might not have time to bring your Nissan model in for maintenance during the semester.

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Nissan Titan: Where Capability and Reassurance Come Together

Capability in the work truck that you drive, along with the reassurances that come from protective warranty coverage, are invaluable components of any successful vehicle experience. And these components come together in brilliant fashion with the new Nissan Titan, available here in the showroom of Peltier Nissan.

The Nissan Titan includes five years of 100,000 miles of warranty coverage, which ranks best among pickup trucks. This can help to reassure you that the parts and overall design of your rugged truck are covered, and that you can feel secure for a long time while hard at work...

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Buying or Leasing a New Nissan? Our Auto Finance Experts Are Here to Help!

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Shopping for a car typically means answering a lot of questions for yourself. What style of vehicle are you looking for? What sorts of features do you need? Do your choices have enough room to accommodate your passengers and all their stuff? Does your favorite model come in your favorite color? There's a lot to think about! Naturally, one of the most important questions is also the one that tends to stress drivers out the most: what is your payment method going to be? Luckily, figuring this part out doesn't have to be stressful when you come to…

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Explore Our Customer Amenities at Peltier Nissan

When you shop with us at Peltier Nissan, you will be able to take advantage of a few of our many amenities. For starters, our client lounge has some of the best amenities while you wait for your car to be serviced or while you are finishing up your sale. Our lounge is clean and comfortable, and you’ll be relaxed the entire time you wait.

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Find the Affordable Service You Need at Peltier Nissan

Sooner or later, your car's going to need to service. Whether you're talking an oil change, tire rotation, or something bigger, every car needs maintenance at some point or another. When that time does come, you want to bring yours to a service center you can trust. You'll find exactly that -and more- at Peltier Nissan.

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