Value Your Trade at Peltier Nissan to Get Started on Your Next Adventure

The prospect of buying a new car is always exciting, but what do you do with the one you already have? Well, if you're aiming to upgrade your current ride or just try something else, you can always trade in your current vehicle towards a new one. That way, you can knock some of the cost off that new Nissan you've been eyeing and make some room in your driveway in one move. You can either trade towards a new or used car, or simply sell your vehicle outright and head home with a check in hand. Here at Peltier Nissan, selling or trading your vehicle in Tyler, TX is easy, and we can help you get started with our handy trade-in value estimator tool!

Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Finding a value estimate for your current ride is simple. Use the tool on this page to tell us a little bit about your car like its make, model, condition, and features. With the details plugged in, the tool will calculate an estimate based on what you tell it. This is your Instant Cash Offer, which you can bring to Peltier Nissan to take the next steps.

Why take the time to use this tool? Having your value estimate on-hand means that you can start working out your budget, and it'll save you time later when you visit us at our dealership. You're not obligated to make a move after getting an estimate, so it never hurts to check!

What Comes Next?

Once you generate your Instant Cash Offer, you have three days (Sundays not included) to bring it by our Nissan dealership serving Lindale and Kilgore, TX. We'll do an inspection and work with you on moving forward with a sale or trade.

What to Bring with You

If you're ready to sell or trade your car, be sure to bring everything that it came with when you got it. Things like spare keys, owner's manuals, maintenance records, and titles are necessary items to have when you go into a sale. If you think you might be forgetting something important, give us a call!

If you have any questions about selling or trading your car in the Athens, TX and Jacksonville, TX areas, we're ready to assist you. Call or stop by today to learn more.